We create solutions to visualize beautiful spaces unbuilt designs – we help them see to help you sell.

This is the most natural way to look around a space without actually being there.

it only takes one-third of a second to fall in love –

We help you do that with VR.

VR is convenient.

You’ll never be confined to an address or stuck lugging around a fragile physical model. Allow clients to experience your space anywhere, anytime – at exhibitions, show units, road shows, or even in the comfort of their homes. This set up is all you need.

before we get down to business –

We'd like you to get to know us first.

We are a creative technology studio. We have brought together more than four decades worth of architectural expertise and an assembly of passionate CG artists and tech nerds who help create games for a living.

the best love affairs are extraordinary –

Here's what makes us special.


We make it easy.

We designed all our products to work with the least amount of hardware possible. All you need is an Oculus Quest and a laptop – and they fit easily into a single backpack. It’s our mission to make the barrier to entry close to none; we’re getting there.


We know tech.

We leverage on cutting-edge technology coupled with our background in game design to build something that doesn’t lag and more importantly, doesn’t make you throw up.


We make you look good.

Our highly specialised team enables us to turn your ideas into beautiful and fully immersive spaces. Being physically present in a hyperrealistic, non-physical world is an incredibly powerful feeling. We let your design sell itself – don't just show them, let them experience it.


We solve problems.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Yes, we have a selection standard products for clients who need a quick and easy fix – but we prefer coming up with bulletproof, customized solutions with you. That way, you don’t spend time or money on things you don’t need.

we bring the unbuilt to life. we bring the unbuilt to life. we bring the unbuilt to life. we bring the unbuilt to life.

to life. we bring the unbuilt to life. we bring the unbuilt to life. we bring the unbuilt to life.

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